"dwm is a dynamic window manager for X."
- Suckless

The idea of the dynamic window management was simply to combine both the feature/management of tiling and stacking window manager. This allows for some versatile workflow and productivity.


DWM can be configured via the config.def.h file. You can also patch dwm to your liking too.


I have 2 patches which combined useful/cosmetic patches to dwm 6.1 and dmenu 4.6 into one (meta) patch. These are also available from my files page, and found separated in the suckless patches page.

dwm 6.1 patch (Updated: 2017 AUG 18):

This patch is intended to use along-side with the dmenu patch, although if you don't want to use the dmenu patch, you can comment out the section for the dmenu transparency, opacity, and colours.

2017 AUG 18

Fixed/added the features intended (the one before was quite an old version)

dmenu 4.6 patch:


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